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We've always liked Jets fans, if just because they have that unique New York blend of bitter cynicism and unabashed homerism toward their team. They're like the woman who has nothing nice to say about her spoiled younger sister ... but she'll have your throat if you do.

So we have much sympathy this morning for Jets fans, whose already teetering seasons were pushed off the cliff with the loss of quarterback Chad Pennington for the year. At this point, Pennington's career could essentially be called over — it's funny how we still think of him as an up-and-comer, though he's already 29 — and Jets fans are already falling into line.

The Doomsayers: ...seriously, what in the world just happened...i think i'm gonna be sick... [The Jets Blog]
The Optimists: God owes us one. He just gave a gift to the tormented Red Sox; he's got another present for the most challenged and patient fans in the NFL too. [Jets Insider]
The Realists: Jet fans, believe it or not, are spoiled. Jets fans are spoiled because they always have hope, but they never have to suffer the burden of expectations. So as we continue on into this season, it should be considered dismal, and frustrating, and heart-breaking. But what it should not be is a surprise. [Jet Nation]

Pennington Out For Year [Football Outsiders]