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A recent study from Merrill Lynch Investment Management took a look at how Americans are taking a new look at retirement. Essentially, they don't think retirement for today's baby boomers means empty decades of shuffleboard, cruise ships and tapioca; they see it as an opportunity, a way to reinvent themselves and start a new career all together, a chance to do the work they've always wanted to do. They want to exit the rat race and restart their life.

So we suppose it makes sense that rap impresario Suge Knight is considering leaving the rap game to do what he's really always wanted to: coach college football, perhaps the only profession with less job security than rap.

"I'm at a point where probably in the next couple of years I'm gonna go coach football," he tells "It's something I enjoy. I don't need a paycheck for it."

Knight, before involving himself in just about every rap feud (and before being shot last month), once played college football for UNLV and spent a bit of time in Oakland Raiders training camp, which seems like training enough for us. We have to say, if Suge Knight were our coach, we'd listen to all over his orders and run every play he wanted, because the one thing you don't want from Coach Suge is to be cut. We would have a deep fear of becoming a salary cap casuality.

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