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We've told you already how shocked we were to see that human wad of chaw Lenny Dykstra is writing financial opinion pieces for, but we're still not quite over it. Dykstra's newest "column" has just been posted at TheStreet, and we find several statements extremely disturbing.

• The column begins with a quote from Billy Joel. From "Pressure," even.
• In the next sentence, Dykstra refers to Billy Joel as a "musical genius."
• Dykstra claims to use Listerine mouthwash every day. We dunno; somehow we doubt that.
• He pulls a Larry King! "Look up the word "integrity" in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Pfizer's CEO, Hank McKinnell."
• Lenny uses the word "stifling." Somehow we suspect that was an editor addition; originally, this said "fucking hot, fucker."

We ask again: Can anyone at explain how this column happened?

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