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You think that you live in America, land of the free, where a kid can grow up to be anything he wants to be, and home loan fixed equity interest rates are still available at a low 5.23 percent. But exactly how far do our freedoms extend?

Freedom of speech, for instance. There is no telling where the ugly hand of censorship will be raised — we know this well, as our MLB Blog was jerked off of their site after a scant eight hours of life, owing to certain references to the National Socialist Movement.

But exactly who are the brownshirts here? Bud Selig's thugs have now gone too far, extending their icy tentacles into the MLB Blog l'ecriture sans calmants — Pascual Uccelli's brilliant treatise on baseball, degenerate gambling and raunchy sexual acts, written entirely in French. Witness this recent foul censorship, with our translation:


"je n'ai plus envie de **** que tu caresserais dans le **** d'une autre ..."
"I do not want any more of **** which you would cherish in the **** of another."

Of course, it took the MLB codebreakers about three months to catch on and begin slapping in asterisks. We wonder who the poor schmuck is who drew the assignment of translating the blog and searching for swear words? As always however, we are one step ahead. We've discovered that Uccelli's blog is also available here, where, with our translation, the truth unfolds: "I do not want any more of the cock which you would cherish in the vagina of another." You're welcome, America.

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