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Our boy Bill Simmons and Spin and Esquire columnist Chuck Klosterman are such ideological Bosom Buddies that the surprise is not that they've collaborated on Page 2 again — they tried this once before — but that they don't do it every day, every week, every month, every year. We've always kind of suspected Bill has a little bit of a man-crush on Klosterman, and it sneaks out every time they have one of these little dialogues. (The same thing happens with us and the picture of Andy Rooney we have on our wall. Not unusual.)

Anyway, since it's these two guys — and it's going on all week — the pop-culture references come fast, furious and relentless. Let's play a little game: Guess which "Saved By The Bell"-addled thirtysomething columnist made which reference. (And no fair saying "both." Though that's an excellent guess.)


• 1. Fleetwood Mac
• 2. Can't Buy Me Love
• 3. "The View"
• 4. Weezer's "Pinkerton" album
• 5. Tony Montana
• 6. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach
• 7. "Survivor"
• 8. Philip K. Dick
• 9. American Psycho

Oh, and Bill mispelled Nirvana's "In Utero" album, which is the only time we've ever truly been angry with him. And he uses the phrase "snorting lines," which cracked us up.

Curious Guy: Chuck Klosterman [Sports Guy's World]

(Answers after the jump)

• 1. Klosterman
• 2. Simmons
• 3. Simmons
• 4. Klosterman
• 5. Simmons
• 6. Simmons
• 7. Simmons
• 8. Klosterman
• 9. Klosterman