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Like most people, we watched last spring's and summer's steroid hearings with many healthy dollops of amusement; it was alternately:

• Fascinating to watch Sammy Sosa suddenly struggle with english and Mark McGwire struggle with any moment of time that might have proceeded the exact moment he was speaking,
• Scary to watch Bud Selig think, "You know what? Eff this. I should have stayed a car salesman."
• Befuddling to watch the MLS Commissioner wonder why the hell he was there.


Now that we have a union-MLB fight about steroid suspensions preceding tomorrow's next round of Congress/Commissioners Gladiators, we can't help but get revved back up again. Sure, it will mostly be old white men speechifying in front of people who they'll surely be begging for tickets as soon as the cameras are off, but isn't that the fun of it? Who doesn't get tired of Congressional steroid hearings? Who's with us?

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