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Despite what The Smoking Gun has discovered Major League Baseball thinks about the American League East, we appear primed for a final five days of rather intense pre-playoff madness. The Yankees and Red Sox are still tied, the Indians are tied with them too and the White Sox are still toying around with the idea of choking it all away, just for shits and giggles.

Baseball Musings' David Pinto is openly daydreaming of a four-way tie, Red Sox fans are second-guessing both their team and the Yanks and everyone all just kind of freaking out. We were at a very crowded bar last night full of very loud Red Sox fans, and we were reminded just how exhausting the next three-four weeks are going to be. (By the time the World Series happened last year, we were begging for a day off, away from baseball. Playoffs just kill us every year, man.) For everyone in the American League not from Anaheim, this is all starting a week early. Expect employees to be showing up an hour or so late, beginning, oh, now.


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