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We love you so much, that we're actually willing to sit through these Congressional steroid hearings, chaired by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who we still think could beat up the entire "Inside The NFL" staff in a fight. (We're not counting Bob Costas, who you totally know would just run away.) Anyway, we'll be posting sporadic updates on what you're missing all day, at least until the boredom destroys us.

10:05: John McCain is speaking. We can never figure out if he d rather be President or some kind of Czar of Sports. He just bemoaned steroids "terrible attraction" to youth. Loved that "Terrible Attraction" movie; it was a passion that was too dangerous and too powerful to resist.


10:13: There s the first wistful, posturing anecdoate about "watching baseball when I was kid" from a Congressman, from Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.). We re surprised it took this long. We re guessing there will be at least 46 today.

10:15: Sen. George Allen (R-Virg.): "As a pup growing up, I loved Johnny Unitas and Roman Gabriel " Sigh. He did just inexplicably name-check Cadillac Williams, though.

10:19: One of the Senators pointed out that some members will occasionally have to leave to go "to meetings involving Hurricane Katrina, terrorism and other matters." Which is nice, that they remember other minor quibbles while discussing this issue of major national security interest.