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The family of slain soldier Pat Tillman — whose jersey we have owned for six years — are simultanously making more headway on getting answers about the death of their son and getting farther away. They reviewed the military papers and found "countless" names and information blacked out.

A San Francisco Chronicle review of more than 2,000 pages of testimony, as well as interviews with Pat Tillman s family members and soldiers who served with him, found contradictions, inaccuracies and what appears to be the military s attempt at self-protection.

Another surprising element of the report: Tillman himself, notoriously highlighted as a gung-ho, let's-roll warrior by the government, was actually critical of President Bush's handling of the Iraq war and was a devoted fan of left-wing author Noam Chomsky. But the real tale of the tragedy of Tillman is one of devotion, sacrifice and, yeah, heroism ... and the deeply sad mystery that has followed. The Chronicle story is in-depth and fascinating. Take a look.

Tillman Family Demands The Truth [San Francisco Chronicle]