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Wrapping Up The Congressional Steroid Hearings:

11:13: McCain s going after Fehr, accusing him and the players of living in a "rarified atmosphere" and not understanding this is an "issue of transcendent importance." Fehr stares at him with the that look of a bratty kid waiting for the principal to stop yelling at him. Bud Selig is trying to hide a smug grin, and failing.


11:34: Sorry, we just spent 20 minutes mesmerized by these hearings in High Definition. (It s like you re really there!) We just heard Tagliabue say, "It was the girlfriend who put the ephedra in my beer." That was kind of weird. We should have been paying closer attention.

11:40: A Senator just asked Don Fehr, "Why can t you be more like Gene Upshaw?" We have so many different answers to that question, we don t know where to start.

12:03: Hank Aaron actually just smirked himself when a Senator said, "They should have an Rx rather than an asterisk next to a certain individual s record if he breaks Hank Aaron s record."


12:04: Wow, they wrapped up quick. Good. That s the longest we've ever watched ESPN News without having to cleanse our mouth with ipecac. So Don Fehr says he expects baseball to have its full steroid plan done by the end of the World Series. That s a about a month. Good luck.