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OK. You know that Necrocomicon convention, the one that's essentially for movie horror and gore fans? The one where the guys who played Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees show up and sign their autographs, and everyone there is obsessed with zombie and sharp things thing kill people? (Think Fangoria magazine.) Well — and we don't think this is a joke — the featured speaker at the convention this weekend is none other than O.J. Simpson.

No, really. Here's a recorded message from O.J. welcoming all convention guests. And here's a section of the convention site that encourages you to buy OJ merchandise. Other guests include the entire cast of The Devil's Rejects, Damien from Children of the Corn, the cast of the original Return of the Living Dead (20 year anniversary!) ... and O.J. Oh, and Al Cowlings. (We're not kidding about that either; they're both there.)


Featured Guest: O.J. Simpson [Necrocomicon] (via Cinematical)