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MLB Blogs, your crimes are many — just the Tommy Lasorda blog alone would make sure no jury would acquit you of anything. But we thought that even you wouldn't stoop to this. They've taken a small dog, you see, and formed an MLB Blog around it. Look! The dog is writing about baseball! And using doggie phrases such as "Hardly the pick of the litter" and "makes me want to lick 'em." (Aren't they supposed to ban phrases like that?)

Apparently in MLB Blogs World, dogs can type. And form abstract thoughts about the American League West. Well, they can't. And do you know what? Bears don't really talk like Phil Harris.

And now, look — elsewhere on MLB Blogs, we're supposed to think that the Angels' Rally Monkey is blogging. That's it, we've had it. We are never coming back. MLB Blogs, it's been fun, but we're starting to see fleas.


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