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We know you love those Web site ranking numbers, so we've got some more for you, and they're good ones. Last week, Yahoo Sports — are we supposed to use the exclamation point? We always feel like goobers typing "Yahoo!" — beat in both unique users and visitors. We've heard all kinds of arguments why Yahoo's numbers are inflated and not as attractive to advertisers, and some of those arguments are somewhat convincing. But numbers are numbers, and last week, more people looked at Yahoo Sports than

The breakdown:
Top Sites By Unique Audience For Week Ending September 25, 2005
• Yahoo! Sports, 7.1 million
•, 6.8 million
• FOX Sports, 5.2 million
• NFL Internet Network, 4.8 million
•, 4.1 million
•, 3.6 million
•, 2.6 million
• CSTV, 2.5 million
• eBay Sports, 2.3 million
• AOL Sports, 2.1 million

We're sure this is just because ESPN's Page 3 hasn't updated this week.

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