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It's pretty clear that those roof gutters aren't getting cleaned this weekend, and the odds are excellent that the kids are missing soccer practice. (Or, if you skew younger, the random woman you met last night with a name that sounds suspiciously like "Steve" is going to have leave your place before 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.) After both teams' victories last night — the Red Sox dramatic, the Yankees less so — we are set up for the series to end all series this weekend. We are always hesitant to talk too much about the Red Sox or the Yankees, because both teams' fans inevitably think you're slanted to the other's team, and everybody else just says you have East Coast bias. (Doesn't "East Coast Bias" sound like something you would get from a mosquito, by the way?)

But it's impossible to overstate the importance of this series, with the AL East title, the wild-card, the MVP and the self-esteem of millions of people with funny accents. (And don't forget about the Indians, by the way; their series with the White Sox is almost as vital.) Every spare second this weekend, this series is going to absorb. Football? Who has time for football?


By the way, thinking of a ticket at Fenway? Well, the Budweiser roof seats are going for $4,000 for four. But hey, you get a couple free beers with that.

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