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It's a general consensus, we think, that football players are considered dumb. Even if they were smart at birth, once their brains were subjected to repeated jostling for two decades, all the good genes probably ended up dripping out. Well, the Wall Street Journal today looks at how each NFL team scored on the Wonderlic tests to decipher which is the most intelligent team, and which is the dumbest.

The smartest team in football? Would you believe the St. Louis Rams? Yep, apparently some teams have players who are smarter than their coach. (Sorry, Football Outsiders.) The next smartest teams are the Oakland Raiders (!), Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The dumbest? The Green Bay Packers, and, of course, the Arizona Cardinals.

It's even more fun when you rank the Wonderlic scores of college teams. You can probably guess here: The smartest is Stanford, and the worst, obviously, is Miami (Fla.)


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