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We haven't made much of a secret about this: We're not that into gambling on sports. (We don't need anything to make sports more fun.) But we understand its appeal, particularly when our scrappy connoisseur of vice brother Oddjack is on a roll like he is today. Declaring today "Football Up Your Ass Day, Oddjack is spitting them out faster than we can catch up. The highlights:

Vikings all over Ron Mexico and the Falcons.
Alabama looking mighty good over the Gators.
Not a good day to be a Buzzsaw fan. (It never is.)
• Who doesn't love a Gopher?
• People should have much more faith in Michigan than they're having.
• Finally, a reason to like Dave Wannstedt s mustache.


Just in the time it took us to type this, Oddjack probably put up three or four more picks today. Guy's on a roll; check him out.

Chopping Lines [Oddjack]