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Wildly irresponsible rumors about Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney. Nice hats, gentlemen.
• We saw Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman hang out together online, and then we saw it in person. And then Bill deconstructed himself better than we ever could.
• Etan Thomas loves analyzing Abe Pollin's prostate.
• The actual Jets offensive line, actually could use a seven-inch member. Perhaps we phrased that wrong.
• If former NFLer Ross Verba is hanging out with Paris Hilton, whose reputation suffers more?
• We got kicked off MLB Blogs, but we worked hard to turn that frown upside down.
• Oh, yeah, we'd love to have Suge Knight as our coach.
A grown man eats dog food. Live on ESPN!
• There were steroid trials, but they were very boring.
• We really don't think you people heard us, so we'll say it again: O.J. Simpson is appearing at a slasher film convention. Don't make us say it again.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. Try not to tear down Fenway Park, all right?