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• We're a little slow this morning, because did a shot every time ESPN showed some Mexican "culture" during last night's 31-14 Buzzsaw victory over the 49ers. We know it's unusual to play a game in another country, but the slack-jawed awe of the broadcasters last night — "look, another local! These people are confused by the 'Foot Ball'" — made it seem like they were playing the game in Burundi. For the record, Mexico City is closer to Houston than Atlanta is.
• We still are a little confused as to what happened with the Patriots yesterday. Did they pull their starters to rest for the playoffs next week?
• You know, it's funny: We don't know a single person who doesn't think the every game the Redskins win will be their last one.
• Weird: We just lost to a fantasy team who started Archie Manning yesterday.
• We're beginning to visibly cringe every time we see Jets coach Herman Edwards start talking. It's making us uncomfortable.
• Just wondering: Donovan McNabb's hernia, is that the kind you discover by turning your head and coughing? Or is that a different kind? Or is a "sports hernia" a different kind of hernia, a smoother classier ride? Are we losing you here?
• Hey, the Saints won! Go America! What's that? Oh. All the victims of Hurricane Katrina are doing great now? Everything's fine? All right, cool.