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We continue to love that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban continues to blog about his team; checking in with him throughout the season is always one of our favorite NBA highlights. He files today's report from the Mavs' first practice, where he details new acquisition Doug Christie's sessions with a new team nutritionist, the team's rookies taking "self-study" courses — we think all self-study courses should be taught by Terrell Owens — and an oddly elaborate discussion of DeSagana Diop's diet.

We love Cuban because he runs the Mavs the way that any of us would run a team; loudly, emotionally and with little perspective. His description of the first day of practice is like a teenager girl writing about her first date with Bobby; everything's great, everything's wonderful, everyone's tooting sunshine. When the Mavs inevitably disappoint this year, it will be just as much fun to read that teenage girl write about how she'll die alone and how that Maloof girl is a total slut-bag.

It's Mavs Time! [Blog Maverick]