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Well, that didn't take long at all: Vinny Testaverde has returned as starter for the New York Jets. We're not sure he'll be any better than Brooks Bollinger, but he most certainly will be more fun. Our favorite part of Madden 2005, by the way, is signing Vinny to The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. He's the only guy less mobile than Kurt Warner.

News and views on Vinny's ascension:

The Gang Green message board: "Vinny getting seriously INJURED — that possibility definitly exists.....i think Herm is making a serious mistake here....and right now or team is in a BAD rythym.....this could end very badly."
Jet Nation: "I sent God this email:
Dear God,
Do you hate the NY Jets and their fans? If so , why?
I got this reply:
Dear Smizzy,
F#ck you. I lost big money on Super Bowl III. Burn in eternity.
The Big Man."
The Jets Blog: " really doesn't matter who is polishing the deck rails of the Titanic..."
Jets-Blog: "At starte Testaverde er fuldst ndig urimligt over for Bollinger, der jo ikke gjorde noget forkert i sin debut som starter, men skal jeg v re helt rlig s var der ingen."

Apparently that last one's in another language.

Vinny Takes Over As Starter [Jets Insider]