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According to Sports By Brooks and KMPC Radio in Los Angeles, now that college football expert Nick Lachey and non-sports-related wife Jessica Simpson have reportedly split up (or maybe not), Lachey might actually be moving in with Southern Cal quarterback Matt Leinart. (We're going to assume he doesn't live in the dorms anymore. Though that might be funny, if a bit dangerously close to a reality show than we would like.)

According to Sports By Brooks, they two have been hanging out together a lot recently, and Lachey even appeared with Leinart at USC's weekly press conference which is not the type of thing that happens at, say, Iowa State. College football, we think, is getting really weird.

That said, we guarantee you over the next few weeks, on campus, there's gonna be an unusually high amount of Madden being played as the gaggle of girls yawn, crawl out of bed and slink back to their dorm rooms. We're guessing Lachey plows through the whole campus in a fortknight.

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