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Great NBA blog — Darko's current mood is "enraged," by the way — has made a pretty amazing find: A rap song featuring Fabolous, Spurs point guard Tony Parker and some French rapper named Booba. This is pretty fantastic for several reasons — you can download the song here — not least of which that Parker is a surprisingly good rapper.

But the bizarre collaboration is the weirdest aspect of all, we think. To quote FreeDarko:

this COMPLETELY raises the stakes on strange collaborations. It used to be, "Wow, that's odd KRS ONE and Puffy did a song together" or "Gee whiz, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow made a ballad!" Soon it's gonna be, "that new Matthew Barney collaboration with Warren Sapp, Debra Winger and Beenie Man is GULLY." The LEAST strange aspect of this song is that Mr. Longoria is rapping. The most strange, potentially what was FAB-O doing with these Parisian cats?

We highly recommend a download, particularly because this is the first time any San Antonio Spur has sounded cool.

Thursdays With Thurl [FreeDarko]