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This man's name is Bob Lipinski, and he's an "entrepreneur" from South Jersey. (cough-mob-cough) And he is now the proud owner of Terrell Owens' NFC Championship ring from last year. He won an auction for the ring that Owens held to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. We've brought up our suspicions about T.O.'s sudden charitable streak before, but as the old adage goes, it doesn't really matter why someone is charitable; to those who it helps, it only matter that there was charity at all.

Lipinski, who just spent more money than our parents have made in their life on a piece of jewelry that everyone who sees it is going to know he didn't actually earn, has a lot in common with T.O.; he tried to cloak his personal indulgence and whims in charity as well. "I like to try to donate to charity, but, I have to admit, the ring intrigued me," he says. T.O. only does interviews with David Letterman anymore, so he had no comment on the auction, though we suspect if he had, he would have used the third person singular.


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