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As the process of destroying Busch Stadium begins in earnest — that picture was taken yesterday; that large object in the outfield is not, in fact, Larry Walker — a reader sends us this pretty awesome video of two drunken, crying Cardinals fans as they refused to leave Busch Stadium after the NLCS loss.

We recognize these guys because they're pretty much the same guys we see at The Alamo bar in our Southern Illinois hometown every time we go home for the holidays. A little bit too drunk, a little bit too emotional and definitely not wanting to leave. They even have the right accent. And if you get them on the right topic, they'll even start crying, man. Usually, from our experience, it's if you play Garth Brooks' "Shameless," though, in a pinch, the demolition of a whole stadium will do the trick.

Sad Cardinals Fans [KMOV] (VIDEO)