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So we've been investigating this whole "Cold Pizza" burnout this morning — their show was taken off the air, mid-program, because of "technical difficulties" — and we've heard several different theories, including the rather far-fetched one that they decided, right in the middle of the show, to cancel it. (That's not what happened, but, man, if there ever were a show that would happen to, that would be it.) Supposedly a power surge hit the 34th Street offices, knocking out host studio Atlantic Video's "state of the art" two-year-old space. We hear the suits are "furious" and considering "mass firings," which seems like an overreaction, considering we're pretty certain we're the only people who noticed, and CERTAINLY the only people writing about it. The show is reportedly coming back tomorrow, unless the guy powering the electricity by riding a bike in the basement gets tired again.

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(Oh, and we know that picture is of the old "cast," and that it doesn't include new anchor Dana Jacobson. It cracks us up anyway.)