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Fascinating column on the addictive, compelling site Black Athlete Sports Network comparing the situation involving Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry's comments on black athletes and the Astros' dubious distinction of being the first team since the 1956 Yankees to make the World Series without a single black player. The basic argument: As misguided as DeBerry's comments might have been, it's inconceivable that the Astros (and Bud Selig) have escaped equal (or more) criticism:

It would be far more logical to be blasting the Houston Astros and Major League Baseball for the absence of any African Americans being on the Houston roster, and so few on all the other MLB teams ... than slamming Air Force head coach Fisher Berry (sic)for literally begging for more African American players for his Air Force Team. And guess what .... DeBerry was just forced to apologize while Bud Selig does nothing.

The column goes on to say the real reason Air Force can't recruit black players is because they don't want to give up "just as good an education or better (if they want one) at other major universities begging them to attend and then go on to very attractive NFL careers rather than wanting to graduate from the Air Force Academy so they can go directly to flight school before the Bush Administration then ships them out to Iraq." It's a riveting read, agree or disagree.

Air Force And Astros Share Same Problem [Black Athlete Sports Network]

(Update: A reader corrects us: "Elston Howard played for the 1956 Yankees. He homered in the World Series. He also played in the 1955 World Series. So the last WS team not to have an African-American was the 1953 Yankees." So there you go.)