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The Boston Globe brings up something about Red Sox great Ted Williams we'd never heard before: He was of Mexican ancestry on his mother's side. This is mentioned in the context of last night's "Latino Legends" ceremony before the White Sox's World Series win, in which the all-time Latino team was announced. (Pretty much everybody alive showed up, save for, of course, Manny Ramirez. Heck, even A-Rod made it to a World Series game. That's something, Yankees fans!)

Reggie Jackson added his voice to the confused, saying Williams should have been on the ballot. And technically, he could/should have been. But that would have been less of a PR coup than the whole enterprise, and, face it, all kinds of people would have been confused. Fortunately, we can just wait 40 years, thaw out Teddy Ballgame and just ask him ourselves.

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