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Remember when Larry Krueger was fired from his job as late-night sports talk host at KNBR-680 in San Francisco back in August? You don't? Well, he was, and now he's back, waving legal briefs and suing everyone in sight.

It was on August 3 that Krueger, speaking of the slumping Giants, uttered the now-famous quote, "Brain-dead Caribbean hitters hacking at slop nightly." Oops. Not to worry, Larry — that will just be the lead to your Wikpedia entry for all eternity. Giants manager Felipe Alou, who is from the Dominican Republic, went ballistic. Krueger and two station executives were canned. Then, a peaceful silence fell over the land. Until earlier this week, when Krueger lawyered up, suing the station. Quote: "I'm looking to clear my name and clear my reputation." Actually we hadn't thought much about his reputation until he brought it up.


What you probably don't know: Had the Giants canceled their contract with KNBR due to the controversy, the station's value might have plummeted — in turn, putting at risk owner Susquehanna Radio's pending $1.5 billion sale of the team's flagship station and 33 other stations (still pending). Krueger also contends that he was told by management just before the fateful broadcast — in the station's parking garage no less — to "rip the shit out of the Giants."

Well, this is what passes for sports news these days in San Francisco, and looking at the Giants, 49ers and Golden State Warriors, you can understand why.

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