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• It's pretty astounding that fan guy in Cincinnati was able to run on the field during the Packers' closing drive. First off, they were at midfield, which means he had to run at least 50 yards, probably more, without someone beating him to Brett Favre. (Note: The next time you're in Cincinnati, bring your own security.) Never mind that he could have stabbed National Hero Favre as he drove down the field for an epic comeback. He actually stole the ball. Can you imagine? Could there possibly be a bigger security snafu than that?
Kyle Orton, starting playoff quarterback. Absorb it.
• We think it's extremely strange that the Giants look dominant and the Eagles look Buzzsaw-esque. We also find it amusing that the NFL Wives Yahoo Group has been blasting Tiki Barber and his brother Ronde all weekend for both being married to Asian women.
• Somehow, we kind of don't like the Lions' odds of hosting the Super Bowl this year.
• We're telling you: In 30 years, a Suzy Kobler-clone will be doing a sideline report from Foxboro, and a drunken, bloated Tom Brady will hit on her on live television. You wait.