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Not surprisingly, the sabermetric-friendly Web is all abuzz this morning after the firing of Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta on Friday evening. As always, Baseball Musings is on top of the story, looking at the aftermath of the move, tracking the journalists trying to make sense of it and ultimately settling on one most likely culprit: Dodgers "advisor" Tommy Lasorda, who reportedly never got along with the "nerdy" GM and was furious about the moves away from "clubhouse chemistry."

Baseball Musings brings up the exact point we had: Where's the coverage of this on Tommy Lasorda's blog? It's one thing to hear what Tommy thinks about this in the LA Times; it's another all together to find out what Tommy's personal typist thinks of the whole matter. But nope: Instead we're still stuck with the same old ruminations on how Tommy hates the Phillie Phanatic so much he would body slam it to the ground.

DePodesta is now rumored to be taking over the Rockies or the Devil Rays while Tommy looks around for someone who will stop using all that math.

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