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Via Fine Fellows comes a full report about that guy who ran on the field in Cincinnati and stole the ball from Brett Favre yesterday. His name is Gregory Gall, he's 31 years old and he lives in Mount Washington, Ohio. He was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct and was arraigned this morning. (You can find his mug shot here.)

And here's where we ask for your help, because some Web searching we've done this morning has dug up very little. (We forget some humans aren't as Google-able as everyone we know.) All we've really been able to find is this Ohio youth sports league, though we're not sure that's the same Greg Gall, since his phone number is listed as just over the river in Kentucky. (So don't call.) We also, through our powers of investigation, have eliminated this Greg Gall as the one who plays drums in the death metal band Six Feet Under.


We've personally spent much time in Cincinnati, and we've gotta have some readers around Gall's age there. Anybody out there know the guy? Email us at and let us know. Anonymity is, as always, guaranteed.

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