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The results are in from our poll asking you who the mystery steroid postseason AL outfielder was, and the winner: Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield! We supposed we could have guessed that. Despite several commenters' insistence that it couldn't be Sheffield because the story was confirmed by the mystery player's agent — Sheffield currently has no agent, because Sheffield is crazy — he was the runaway winner in the poll. Johnny Damon came in second place, mostly because of the big head, we suspect.

The final standings:

Gary Sheffield, New York Yankees: 32 percent (425 votes)
Johnny Damon, Boston Red Sox: 19.8 percent (263 votes)
Steve Finley, Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: 14.1 percent (187 votes)
Gabe Kapler, Boston Red Sox: 8.5 percent (113 votes)
Vladimir Guerrero, Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: 7.0 percent (93 votes)
Scott Podsednik, Chicago White Sox: 5.9 percent (78 votes)
Jermaine Dye, Chicago White Sox: 5.3 percent (71 votes)
Aaron Rowand, Chicago White Sox: 4.8 percent (64 votes)
Hideki Matsui, New York Yankees: 2.7 percent (36 votes)


Thanks for voting. Now, stay tuned. The news will come out eventually ... it always does.

Who's The Mystery 'Roider? [Deadspin]