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More info on our main man Greg Gall, who, as established yesterday, has spent an inordinate amount of time drinking with Deadspin readers. Yesterday afternoon, he pled not guilty to the charges against him, which many people have mocked, considering, you know, his actions were seen by anyone who watches NFL Countdown or, for that matter, has cable. You can say that it would be difficult for Gall to beat the charges, but, jeez, did you see that guy run yesterday? That guy could beat anything.

We also received details of Gall s earlier arrest, which came in 1995. (He pleaded not guilty then too.) Everyone we ve heard from about Gall says pretty much what you d suspect: He s a wild and crazy guy who probably drinks a little too much, parties a little too hard and has a tendency to do stupid things after each activity. But on the whole: Not a horrible guy, likable enough, just dials it up to 11 a little too often.

Every town has a guy like Greg Gall, the guy who s the funniest guy at the party ... until he s not.

Ladies And Gents, Meet Greg Gall [Deadspin]