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We didn't get to this yesterday, so we're gonna load you up on it now. Those two handsome gents right there are the fine minds behind Faith And Fear In Flushing, one of our very favorite blogs and definitely our favorite Mets blog. Yesterday, in the Wall Street Journal (or online, at least),'s "Daily Fix" author Jason Fry let it be known to the world that he's the man behind Faith And Fear, ending months of speculation by ... well, anybody as dorky as us, we guess.

Fry — whom, full disclosure, is a friend of ours; we once discussed at a Brooklyn Cyclones game some of the odd music choices Joe McEwing has made for his at-bat music — had previously been anonymous, considering he writes about sports for, but after enough close calls, he has now admitted he is one of us ... one of us ... one of us ...

. Despite that, I was stunned when one of the Mets' broadcasters wrote to our Gmail address, irate over a passing comment on the blog. He'd taken the remark out of context, and Greg struck up a friendly correspondence with him, but it was a helpful reminder that while we could say whatever we wanted, we'd better be prepared to answer for it.

We'd like to think he's talking about Tom Seaver, but we doubt it. Anyway, it's good to know that staffers are joining us in this blog world. Now, about those Mets ...

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