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Some stories, you really just have to let speak for themselves. General manager Theo Epstein evading reporters on the day he resigned by wearing a gorilla costume? That would be one of them.

Theo reportedly spent some time monkeying around the baseball operations office in the monkey suit then left the building, right under the noses of the assembled media horde! "It was Halloween and no one thought anything of it," said Someone Who Was There. "He went right past the reporters, listened to what they were saying for a while, then jetted home."

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise us if Epstein disappears for three years, not a trace, and then comes back, Andy Kaufman-esque, telling tales of Atlantis.


By the way, two excellent resources for last words on the Epstein story:
• Boston Sports Media has a dialogue about Dan Shaughnessy that sums up everything you'd need to know.
• We might make fun of him a little here, but Our Boy Bill Simmons' column about this whole debacle is truly outstanding, touching on what happens, exactly, when someone reaches their dream too fast, too soon, too much.

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