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Today we grapple with the big questions. Like, if Jesus were around today and attending high school, what sport would he go out for? It's impossible to know for sure (Kurt Warner isn't answering his cell phone), but we guess football. We imagine that Christ would be an awesome placekicker ("It's hooking left, wait ... no, it's good! Another field goal for Jesus!").

These and other tricky theological concepts can be examined in detail at Jesus of the Week, a great site which takes a weekly look at Christ as pop culture icon, often with sports themes in mind. Yes, surprisingly, the Son of God has been a batting instructor, an Olympic hopeful and even a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. You know, until Kobe got jealous and got Phil Jackson to trade him.

And, apparently, Christ also knows the location of the best sports books. For those who are thinking about the Pete Rose Hall of Fame situation and wondering what would Jesus do, well, now you know.

Jesus of the Week