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Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, everybody's idea of a team player, has said he might not be able to play over the next three weeks because of a sprained ankle that aggravated his still-healing broken leg from last year. This is a terrible time, of course, for such an injury, since the Eagles happen to be playing division rivals three weeks in a row and could very well find their season over very soon.

Ordinarily, this is the type of question answered by blogs, but, God bless 'em, The Philadelphia Inquirer goes ahead and asks it: Is T.O. lying about his injury as part of another power play with the team? It's an horrific insult to anybody else, but with T.O. saying last week that he shouldn't have played in the Super Bowl and likely becoming a free agent in the offseason ... well, he hasn't exactly earned the benefit of the doubt, we'll say.


The good news? According to a self-congratulatory press release on his Web site, T.O. caught his 100th touchdown pass two weeks ago. Good for him. Good for him!

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