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We're going to be a wee bit self-promotional today, so bear with us. We have to be on a plane at 3:30 ET today — well, as George Carlin might say, we will actually be in the plane — so we're gonna zoom along. We'll call it the triumvirate of indulgence. Here's the first one.

Yesterday, we told you about Jason Whitlock being hammered in an ESPN chat room after his column about Charlie Weis' extension at Notre Dame. What we didn't notice until a commmenter pointed it out was Nandi from Iowa's shoutout to our hometown columnist feature. Whitlock, like he handled everything else in the chat, went along with it, and, amazingly, ESPN didn't cut it out.

So big outstretched arms for Nandi from Iowa. And Mr. Whitlock? We'll see what we can do.

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