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The big news in New York this morning — now that A-Rod has been appropriately chided for that not-really-all-that-nasty gambling business — involves five Muslim football fans who were detained in September at Giants Stadium during the Giants-Saints game. Their mistake? Other than being Muslim, you mean? They were standing too close to an air duct on a night that former President G.W. Bush was in the stadium. We're guessing feds thought, you know, they were going to, uh, release anthrax through the public address system or something. Ha, ha, joke's on you, terrorists! New Jersey air is 35 percent more toxic than anthrax.

If you'll remember, this was the same night that many Giants fans mocked Saints fan for their dead city, which, fortunately, was done by white people. We're pretty shocked to hear this kind of abuse of authority at Giants Stadium; honestly, those poor guys were lucky they weren't buried in the end zone.

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