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If you are a reporter covering the Green Bay Packers, for God's sake, sheath your cell phone! Yesterday, the Packers cancelled Brett Favre's afternoon press conference after coach Mike Sherman's morning conference kept being interrupted by reporters' ringing cellphones. When one went off, Sherman stomped out of the room. The Packers PR flak demanded the owner of the offending cellphone come forward, and when he/she didn't, they cancelled Favre's briefing.

The best part about this is that the Packers are still pissed. From a press release from Packers head flak Jeff Blumb about the incident:

"Out of respect for your peers, it is vital for the offender to admit his or her mistake. Please call (the Packers) by 3 p.m. to admit fault, or the Favre press conference will be canceled for everyone. We are sorry that circumstances have necessitated this move, but frankly we can t be any more proactive in terms of making announcements, etc., asking people to turn their cell phones off."

PR people are the best. For their next trick, reporters are going to steal his special "Packers No. 1 Fan!" coffee mug and play keepaway with it.