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Honestly, we don't know why athletes even give interviews anymore. Philadelphia Eagles poo-stirrer Terrell Owens, after being asked about ESPN moron Michael Irvin's comment that the Eagles would be undefeated with Brett Favre as quarterback instead of Donovan McNabb, responded with:

"That's a good assessment, I would agree with that, just with what [Favre] brings to the table. A number of commentators will say he's a warrior, he's played with injuries. I feel like him being knowledgeable about the quarterback position, I feel like we'd probably be in a better situation."

Owens also complained that his team did not adequately celebrate his 100th touchdown catch. At this point, T.O. should just go all the way with this and torch everyone. "Yeah, Bryant Westbrook? Total lazy ass; also has severe masturbation self-control issues. Andy Reid? I caught up with young boys in the locker room. Oh, and Philadelphia fans? Not just drunken louts, but also responsible for ethnic cleansing, global warming and the bird flu. And Tagliabue? He once killed a man with his mind. Oh, yeah, and Gov. Rendell ..."

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