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Another day, another old college football coach being subtly accused of racism. The headline on's home page kind of lets you know how Penn State coach Joe Paterno's comments on black athletes is being spun: "Paterno Links Black Athletes To Increased Scoring."

We're getting a little tired of commenting on these stories, so we're gonna let two of our favorite blogs take care of this for us:

Off Wing Opinion: "You know there's no way Paterno is going to be let off easy. When I found this story on the front page of, the hyperlink read, "Paterno links black athletes to increased scoring." And that's a quote that doesn't even apear in the account of Paterno's Big Ten Conference call. When will the insanity end?"
The Mighty MJD: "Even if it could be determined that Joe Paterno is a huge racist, it's understandable. When slaves were actually being brought to America, and Joe was in his early 30s, he was forced to actually sail one of the ships to and from Africa. Difficult circumstances for the guy to overcome."

So, now that everybody's clear on this: The game of football is different with black players than it was before there were black players. Got it.

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