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One of our favorite stories in a while comes from Charleston, S.C., and the College of Charleston. Two members of the school's tennis teams, one from the women's team and one from the men's, told police they, after "30 and 20 alcoholic beverages respectively," were kidnapped by a crack dealer who forced them at knifepoint to do crack with them. When confronted with an upcoming drug test, they then, in a bout of supreme wisdom, smoked some more crack, to, well, we're not sure why they smoked some more crack.

After four hours, it dawned on the mixed doubles they were going to be drug tested the following week by the athletic department and they decided to call her coach. But before the coach could arrive, the young lady smoked some more crack.

This totally happened to us one time, though instead of "tennis player," insert the word "typist," and instead of "crack," type "Twizzlers."

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