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A fascinating, oddly chilling read from "writer" Tiffany Battista was just sent to us, and we had to share it with you. Essentially, it details a night three years ago when Mets reliever Felix Heredia — who was suspended for steroids last month — woke up Battista (who was with a friend in his house) by having a violent confrontation with his wife. Heredia was ultimately arrested for the incident, but, ultimately, it was swept under the rug, pretty much like his steroid test positive, probably because, well, even fewer people care about Felix Heredia than they do about Matt Lawton.

The piece makes a connection between the frightening aspect of that evening and Heredia's steroid woes, though we have to say, we're not sure how much "roid rage" is around anymore, in the days of the "clear" and the "cream." It's certainly an interesting read, regardless, even if we don't quite share Battista's fascination with highlighting different sentences in different pretty colors. Maybe we should try that, though.


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