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• We broke the Matt Lawton steroid story, wondered what it all meant and then everyone ignored us. Which is fine. We can take it.
• People were all over Jason Whitlock, but at least we got a shout-out on ESPN about it.
Page 3 died, and it's very possible it happened weeks ago and nobody noticed.
• Apparently that guy who ran on the field in Cincinnati last weekend has drank with most of our readership.
• Our readers predicted Gary Sheffield was the mystery AL 'roider, and they were totally wrong. As was everyone else.
Theo Epstein left, and everyone was blaming the curly-haired boyfriend. And then somehow a gorilla costume got involved.
• The NBA came back! Woo-hoo! Let's get it started! Aw, man, Shaq got hurt already? Boo! Still ... respect the NOOCH!
• Boy, that Terrell Owens ... what a guy.
• Gatorade. In You Is It?

Have a good weekend, everyone. We're going to grab some "clear" and watch some of Hideki Matsui's video collection. See ya Monday.