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Their terminology is confusing, they're often not allowed to touch the ball with their hands and occasionally royalty shows up to watch for a few minutes before heading back to the castle. It's weird sports from other lands, which when you get down to it, are no more ridiculous than ours.

News item: Scotland midfielder Paul Hartley faces the prospect of being bombarded with ladies underwear for the rest of the season after revealing he wears a pink thong under his shorts. []

Note to Terrell Owens: This is how opening your big mouth can be made to work for you, not against you.

News item: A majority of Australian Super 12 players believe they have teammates who are battling serious alcohol and gambling problems, according to a survey released by their players' association today. []

This shatters our notion of Australian rugby players sitting around playing Uno and watching Montel Williams.


News item: Women's curling is sure to receive a lot more exposure this year, thanks to a new international calendar that features nude and scantily clad female curlers. []

Time to replace our "Men of the PBA" calendar.