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• What's funnier than Mike Tice being rolled over and knocked down on the sideline? Nothing, that's what. By the way, we find Tice's dopey sideline celebrations undignified, and Tom Coughlin's constant gyrations of fury incredibly amusing.
• Samkon Gado, baby, Samkano Gado. Two touchdowns, one great MySpace profile and our hearts: He's got 'em all.
• The Bears have one of the top five records in football, and Kyle Orton is like Roethlisburger lite. Crazy. Making a strong case for how to spend your bye week, that's for sure.
• We had the best time watching that Redskins-Buccaneers game yesterday, but — and we've never been there in person — doesn't that stadium just look ridiculous? Not just the ship, but the whole fake storefront on Universal backlot feel of the place? Or is that just TV?
• We grew up very much respecting and admiring the Rev. Jesse Jackson. We think it would be wise for him to be more careful in his public company these days, however.
• Not to say the Buzzsaw season hasn't quite turned out the way we expected, but Joey Harrington threw three touchdowns against them yesterday. Yep.