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There was a moment last night, during the Eagles' season-crushing 21-20 loss to the Cowboys, when you really grasped just how difficult it must be to be an Eagles fan. Ordinarily, we scoff when fans of successful teams complain about their suffering; we root for the Arizona freaking Cardinals, so don't tell us about suffering. But Eagles fans ... sometimes you just feel like the world really doesn't like them.

That moment last night was not when Donovan McNabb threw that awful interception, or even when he was hurt and had to be relieved by Mike McMahon. No. It was when, against all measures of human possibility, McMahon was actually driving down the Eagles down the field late. He threw a perfect pass down the left sideline and found rookie Reggie Brown for the catch, setting up an game-winning field goal ... and he dropped it. That's life as an Eagles fan. They don't just blow the big lead; they blow it, almost come back, then blow it again.

And now their season, for all intents and purposes, is over. We're gonna keep our distance from crazed Eagles fan Oddjack today. Because not only is the season over ... you kind of get the feeling this little Eagles run of the past few years is over too. And in their place, we have the Cowboys. Again. Great.

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