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Ah, the University of Miami, the only school where they wear thongs as graduation tassles. Gotta love 'em. They're like our own little 2 Live Crew concert, every Saturday.

Today's great piece of Miami-related potpourri revolves around a rap song (we dorky white people call them "rap songs;" we still, deep down, think everything stopped and ended with Springsteen. If we claim otherwise, we're lying to you) called "The Seventh Floor Crew," put together by several Hurricanes last season. It's extremely charming; imagine Matthew Sweet meets Jim Nabors meets whatever the opposite of Kenny Chesney is.


We've yet to confirm the identities of all the players involved, save for linebacker Tavares Gooden, who drops this:

"and he brought in all his 7th floor friends
She found it was [unintelligible] the Miami Football Team
It s also the 7th floor king ding-a-lings
She thought Five Two was just my number then she realized
you multiply the bitch up then you get my dick size."

You can listen to it right here. Personally, we think the BYU version dropped much phatter beats.


Don't Let Your Ho Go To The Seventh Floor [Miamity]
Seventh Floor Crew [PutFile] (AUDIO)