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We'll confess a pretty strong affinity for Vlade Divac, if just because he's the only player in recent NBA history who sneaks a cigarette during timeouts. Well, as we were alerted by YAYSports!, Vlade is apparently in trouble with his home country of Serbia-Montenegro for, get this, skimping out on military service. Divac, according to Serb-Mont (our nickname for the lovable geographical area; if you get confused which is which, Serbia is landlocked, while Montenegro is the one with the fjord), was expected to report for duty when he was 18 but was too busy playing basketball and looking as weird as Vlade Divac must have looked when he was 18.

Vlade is now 37 years old — you have to make up the two years of duty by the time you're 35 — and officially has dual citizenship. He could go back and serve, wait until a law is passed allowing people to buy off their service time or simply stay in the U.S. and live in exile. We hope he goes back and serves; honestly, this sounds like the pitch for a really bad Billy Crystal basketball comedy.

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